Disambigua # sephirot




conception _ Andrea Fronzoni, Cristina Ghinassi
director _ Andrea Fronzoni
performer _ Cristina Ghinassi
sound designer and live music _ Federico Visi
video editing _ Andrea Pedna

support _ Casa del Teatro di Faenza, Do – nucleo culturale IT


duration 40’


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I want to be a whore.
Arms to grab, legs to walk, painless, thoughtless.


In this stage of her journey, Lilith opens the door of her house and in the darkness of her thoughts she expresses her intentions: a descent to the underworld that will involve those present.
It is a provocation and a challenge, the display of a series of actions that seem meaningless but that were, on the contrary, planned according to reason and logic.
According to the myth of the First Eve, Lilith was punished for having abandoned the Garden of Eden and Adam and was sent far away to the Red Sea; she is depicted as an eater of newborn babies, whom she seizes in their sleep.
A victim of her very rebellion, she decides to show herself to her audience as she has been described. In fact, she dares even more: she becomes the concubine of God, and establishes with it an ambiguous relationship, at times subdued and meek, at times  rebellious and contradictory.
Lilith goes as far as to desecrate the very act of creation, using her son as a sacrifice offered to those present.

The show goes continuously back and forth between two levels: the human one, characterized by the daily routine of apparently innocuous actions, and the subconscious one, where an external voice seems to guide Lilith’s actions, which she performs  passively and without will.
Lilith’s rational madness seems to suggest how the dull and repetitive routine of our actions, apparently harmless, hides in fact a latent obscenity, stressed even more by the lack of responsibility towards reality.
Is she suffering of mystic hallucinations? Or is it simply the reflection of our latent and repressed instincts?
The more we repress and resist desire and instinct, the more violently Lilith will devour her victims, to remind herself and the audience of the importance of ordinary actions, apparently harmless but in fact fatal.

For the lies believed by no one but those who tell them.

Disambigua # Sephirot _ video trailer (2’50”)