Artist Statement

«Walking towards the unknown,
I wished I might say what my eyes could see.
From a land to another.
From the known to the unknown.
Speechless bodies came to me.
Life’s force and death’s negation started to stand together.
I lost myself and I started my unnameable revolution.»

Cristina Ghinassi

Inside me there is a driving force which fires and pushes me relentlessly.
Through art I have been looking for answers to big questions. Instead of finding answers, I always found new questions.
This questioning myself tirelessly both in life and art led me to search into different directions.
In this perpetual move from a place into another, by means of art I try to overcome limits and conventions, reverse roles, reclaim the self and freedom to act.
Every end is a chance to start from scratch. Moving from a place into another is source of artistic inspiration and investigation into places, people and their respective grey areas, as a starting point to reflect and effect a change.
My journey to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries pushed me to investigate on the conflict – real and symbolic – meant as a possible expression of places and human nature able to let their own mechanisms and contradictions emerge.
I use the body as emotional manifestation of the soul and the video as media representation to amplify the reality. I explore spirituality and sexuality – complementary polarities of the human being – as both a means of giving voice to the soul and engine of ignition for my revolution.

My approach is multidisciplinary and focuses on interactivity with the audience and a combined use of video and performance. My practice incorporates solo video performances, audience-interactive installations, video art and site-specific projects.