Leukòs Foil

media installation


by _ Ghinassi | Tittaferrante
aka Cristina Ghinassi, Futura Tittaferrante
sound _ Stefano De Ponti, Emanuele Magni

duration _ 11’ 40”


  • Leukos 01 copy


The air and the water are white in themselves by their nature (…)
also the earth is white by its nature, but it appears of different colors because it is painted


The media installation was inspired by the phenomenon of the moon and its cycle. By looking at the density of the nature’s micro-movements and its incessant changes, it focuses on the influence that the reflection of the moonlight has on the earth during its different phases.

Leukòs Foil takes into account the different phases of the moon to metaphorically arrive at the phenomenon of new Moon, that is when the lunar orbit takes the moon in between the Earth and the Sun. The moon disappears to our eyes but we can still feel its energy.