Into Outside




conception _ Mithkal Alzghair, Andrea Fronzoni, Cristina Ghinassi
on stage _ Mithkal Alzghair, Cristina Ghinassi
video setting _ Andrea Pedna

production _ In_Ocula collective

support _ Åbne Scene in Godsbanen, Århus DK
Regione Emilia Romagna IT
CKU Centre for Culture and Development DK
Fondazione Banca del Monte e Cassa di Risparmio di Faenza IT

partners _ Godsbanen Cultural Centre, Århus DK
Performing Art Centre, Århus DK
Svalholm Danish Cultural Exchange and Performing Art DK

duration 40’


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A man and a woman leave their past behind and choose to get on a journey together. They don’t know each other at all. But they decide to go in search of their Utopia, that is an ideal rather than physical space, that is not under control and where people are not living in fear.


The performance is an (im)possible journey forcing a man and a woman to face each other and their diversities contending with the inevitable conflict that breaks out but that paradoxically makes them bond. They will have to cross first a physical border which is the one separating them from the land they left or they come from; then a symbolic one which is that invisible limit separating an individual from another. That symbolic one is the real barrier they have to overcome in order to move towards their Utopia.
It is a limit that feeds off fear, off mistrust of each other and of all we don’t know, off control which regulates people lives and off lack of own inner freedom.
Against the background a ghostly image raises: the story of many refugees which are forced by war or impossible living conditions to leave their country. As refugees, they have to call their identity into question and they have to deal with fear, control and the inevitable conflict which breaks out.
That journey towards Utopia is not a peaceful or unscathed crossing: it breaks out a conflict that is necessary to overcome structured boundaries and that is able to demolish those defenses which separate individuals from each other. This inevitable conflict will reveal that each one has the same human needs the other ones have.
Maybe at this point a window opens: on the horizon we can see a possible utopia, like an isle in the middle of the sea.

promo video (1’34”)

Into Outside _ full version (40′)