GOLEM S.r.l.

interactive & multidisciplinary performance for one spectator at time



conception _ Andrea Fronzoni, Cristina Ghinassi, Federico Visi
performer _ Cristina Ghinassi
sound designer and live music _ Federico Visi
video installation _ Andrea Pedna

duration 15’


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If the man today is free to create the Golem of himself through the creation of his own virtual image, which void or wish not fulfilled is behind?


GOLEM S.r.l. is an interactive installation for one spectator who wonders about the image the contemporary man has of himself, a virtual reflex amplified and distorted thanks to the use of the new technologies available on the net.
The challenge behind the Golem – the creation of the artificial man – is nowadays overcome by the new technologies, which enable the man to create new interfaces, through a series of inputs.

What will be of Identity, since it can be generated and multiplied in an infinite range of virtual possibilities? Since everybody is creator of an artificial and virtual being who has his own identified existence and who responds to his own name and surname?

Having to generate the Golem of himself, the man is continuously building his own sacred images, in an interplay of simulation and virtuality in which his identity boosts infinitively and at the same time dissolves and vanishes into nothing.
The installation works as the development of a gradual discovery: the spectator interfaces with his own image reflected or projected and is invited to interact with the image of Lilith, a mythological and complex female character.

Lilith, in this context, is the figure who accompanies and attracts the spectator in such a way that she put his identity in crisis, cheating him and leading him, at the end of the course, to a sort of “zero grade”, an ending point or, differently, a starting point: how will the spectator react in front of his image not reflected?

GOLEM S.r.l. video trailer (2’46”)