Disambigua # versus




conception _ Andrea Fronzoni, Cristina Ghinassi
performer _ Cristina Ghinassi
video editing _ Matteo Conti

duration 33’


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I want to be a whore.
Arms to grab, legs to walk, painless, thoughtless.


Versus, the first performance of Disambigua Trilogy by In_Ocula collective, investigates the figure of Lilith beyond history and the legend, projecting her into an intimate and private dimension.

What do you do when you are invited to a party? What do you take with you?
Using the first clues that mention Lilith as the first woman created to be next to Adam, even before Eve, we unravel the journey of this character, transforming it into a woman who is both a victim and a rebel.
At first she uncovers the human vulnerability of her existence, later on she reveals the provocative and debunking power, slowly and gradually overturning the roles, in a process where the spectator is no longer a mere passive viewer, but becomes an active witness of a desecrating event that breaks rules and conventions. He is chosen, interrogated and provoked, and little by little he becomes the involuntary protagonist of a journey that will challenge his identity and role.

Lilith thus reveals her real demonic nature: she is neither evil nor wicked, but simply capable of laying bare her destructive power, of destroying the prisons where she has been locked up, and of arousing a feeling of uneasiness or deep embarrassment in those who decide to just watch passively.

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