CrAcK performance

interactive & multidisciplinary performance



conception _ Andrea Fronzoni, Cristina Ghinassi, Federico Visi
performer _ Cristina Ghinassi, Primavera Contu
sound designer and live music _ Federico Visi
projected video  _ Ayman Nahle
video mapping _ Andrea Pedna
live painting  _ Rabee Kiwan

support _
Regione Emilia Romagna
ECF European Cultural Foundation
Fondazione Banca del Monte e Cassa di Risparmio di Faenza
DE.MO./MOVIN’UP by Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali and GAI – Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani

cultural partners _
Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza IT
Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna IT
Faventia Sales S.p.A.

duration 30’


  • CrAcK-Perf-_-Inside-Portfolio-01
    ph _ Futura Tittaferrante
  • CrAcK-Perf-_-Inside-Portfolio-02
    ph _ Futura Tittaferrante
  • CrAcK-Perf-_-Inside-Portfolio-03
    ph _ Futura Tittaferrante
  • CrAcK-Perf-_-Inside-Portfolio-04
    ph _ Futura Tittaferrante
  • CrAcK-Perf-_-Inside-Portfolio-05
    ph _ Futura Tittaferrante
  • CrAcK-Perf-_-Inside-Portfolio-06-B
    ph _ Benedetta Gaiani
  • CrAcK-Perf-_-Inside-Portfolio-06
    ph _ Futura Tittaferrante
  • CrAcK-Perf-_-Inside-Portfolio-07
    ph _ Futura Tittaferrante
  • CrAcK-Perf-_-Inside-Portfolio-08 B
    ph _ Benedetta Gaiani
  • CrAcK-Perf-_-Inside-Portfolio-09-B
    ph _ Benedetta Gaiani
  • CrAcK-Perf-_-Inside-Portfolio-10
    ph _ Futura Tittaferrante


Dreams are stronger than fear


CrAcK performance is a flight on a plane where all passengers know that the pilot’s voice is recorded and that the cockpit is empty. Who will take the control? Who will decide the destination? Deprived of their own identities, the passengers are nothing else that beings without certainties and prosthesis, in search of a demon against which to define themselves as well as their identities. The journey instructions are two: no certainty, no fear.

The performance was created during a 4-weeks creative residency involving the artists from In_Ocula collective together with the Syrian painter Rabee Kiwan and the Lebanese video maker Ayman Nahle, thanks to the interaction of the involved arts (performance, video, audio, visual art) combined with the use of live art.

creative residency’s video doc with extracts from CrAcK performance (21′)